Research Conclave on Global Transformation
Uniting Minds for Global Transformation
  • 19
  • April 2024
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  • 20
  • April 2024
About the Conclave
The National Institute of Technology Calicut is organizing a ‘Research Conclave on Global Transformation 2024’ during April 19-20, 2024, in Calicut, India. In an era defined by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, this Conclave serves as a nexus for the world’s foremost minds to converge, collaborate, and ignite transformative change. The Conclave will bring together researchers, scholars, and students from various academic disciplines to exchange ideas, present their research findings, and engage in interdisciplinary discussions. With a focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and resilience, this platform will illuminate the pathways toward a better global future. From cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs to innovative policy frameworks, the Conclave will explore the multifaceted dimensions of transformation and discover actionable insights that can propel us toward a more harmonious world. Anticipating the attendance of approximately 300 participants from academia, civil society, development institutions, international organizations, the private sector, and policy-making communities, the two-day Conclave will feature paper presentations, plenary sessions, and expert lecture series. The outcomes of this event will be widely disseminated through both traditional and social media channels to ensure that the valuable insights gained reach a global audience. Participation in the Conclave will be only through registration and invitation.
Conclave Themes

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI Unleashed: Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning.

Circular Economy

Sustainable Circles: Navigating the Circular Economy

Climate Resilient Technology and Designs

Tech for Tomorrow: Building Climate Resilience

Gender and Inclusion

Inclusive Futures: Breaking Gender Barriers

Systems and Computing

Beyond Bytes: Exploring Systems and Computing.

Health Care and Biomedical Applications

Future Health: Biomedical Breakthroughs Unleashed.

Strategy and Management

Strategic Mastery: Navigating Dynamic Management.

Theoretical Design, Computation and Modelling

Concept to Code: Illuminating Theoretical Design.

What do we offer

Plenary Sessions

Our plenary sessions offer a dynamic platform, uniting experts and participants for in-depth discussions, driving innovation and shaping the future of our collaborative endeavors.


Expert Lecture Series

Immerse yourself in knowledge and inspiration with our expert lecture series, where seasoned professionals share invaluable insights to empower and elevate your understanding in diverse fields.


Paper Presentation

Elevate intellectual discourse and showcase groundbreaking ideas at our Paper Presentation event, where participants present innovative research and contribute to the frontier of knowledge.


Doctoral Colloquium

The Colloquium serves as an interdisciplinary platform for researchers to engage in discussions and deliberations on research gaps, innovative research methodologies, and the integration of theories to address current and future challenges.

About NITC
The National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC) is a prestigious technical institution located in Calicut, Kerala, India. Established in 1961 as the Calicut Regional Engineering College, it was designated as an Institute of National Importance in 2002 and subsequently renamed as the National Institute of Technology Calicut. The institute, situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats, offers a picturesque setting just 22 km away from Kozhikode city. NITC is widely recognized for its academic excellence in engineering, technology, and sciences at undergraduate, postgraduate and research levels. With a rich history and a strong commitment to fostering innovation and research, NITC has built a reputation for producing highly skilled engineers, technologists and researchers. The institute, with its state-of-the-art facilities, vibrant campus life and diverse range of academic and extracurricular activities, places great emphasis on research and industry collaboration and plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of higher education in India.

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